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Women’s Only Grappling

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About Women’s Only Grappling

This class is an amalgamation of the best and most practically applicable aspects of Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu taught specifically with women in mind.

Judo is a dynamic combat sport that demands both physical and mental discipline. From a standing position, it involves techniques that allow you to lift, trip and throw your opponents onto their backs. On the ground, Judo has techniques that allow you to pin your opponents down to the ground, control them, and apply various chokeholds or joint locks until submission. Judo originated in Japan and grew out of various martial arts developed and used by the samurai and feudal warrior class over hundreds of years. Although many of the techniques of judo originated from arts that were designed for use on the battlefield, the techniques of Judo have been modified so that Judo students can practice and apply these techniques safely and without hurting opponents. Instead, judo simply involves two individuals who, by gripping the Judo uniform or judogi, use the forces of balance, power, and movement to attempt to subdue each other. The central tenets of Judo are “best use of effort”, and “mutual benefit” and “welfare for all.” These tenets are central to our rigorous training and we aim to take the best care of each other that we can.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a division of the Grappling Martial Arts that focuses on ground fighting. It was developed from traditional Japanese Jujutsu by Brazilian brothers Carlos and Helio Gracie whose name is still synonymous with the martial art today. BJJ promotes the idea that with proper technique a smaller, weaker individual can successfully defend themselves against their opponent through various joint-locks and chokeholds. This theory was validated and gained massive popularity after Royce Gracie, son of BJJ founder, Helio Gracie won the first, second and fourth UFC tournaments and today is a vital part of any well-rounded martial artists repertoire.

What You Can Expect

The Women’s Only Grappling class is taught by female Black Belts in their respective disciplines. Tami Dacks is a Black Belt in Judo and Alaina Hardie is a Black Belt in BJJ. Both women have had very accomplished careers in their arts, both in the competitive sphere and in the coaching/contributions to the sport arena. Our Women’s Only classes are suitable for all ages, skill and fitness levels. The instructors are experienced and adept at tailoring lessons to each students needs.  We encourage you to come and learn some new skills in a fun, relaxed and completely inclusive atmosphere. Every class begins with a brief warm-up to get the body ready for work and then some technical practice; either standing or on the ground and then live drilling, such as rolling or randori in Judo. The benefits of both of these sports cannot be understated. Apart from incredible health and fitness benefits, both grappling arts build confidence that one can learn without ever putting themselves in harm’s way due to the nature of grappling sports.

What You’ll Need

For those on 1 week free trials a clean club gi (uniform) and white belt will be provided. It is recommended that you bring a water bottle. Those who choose to continue beyond the trial period will be expected to purchase their own gi.

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