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About Kids BJJ classes

Known as the “Gentle Art,” Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a division of the Grappling Martial Arts that focuses on ground fighting. It was developed from traditional Japanese Jujutsu by Brazilian brothers Carlos and Helio Gracie whose name is still synonymous with the martial art today. BJJ promotes the idea that with proper technique a smaller, weaker individual can successfully defend themselves against their opponent through various joint-locks and chokeholds. For children it is an excellent method of building self-confidence and helping with bullying. Known as the Gently. We teach the kids to defend themselves using self-defence techniques not involving punches and kicks.

What to expect

These classes are lead by a purple belt, Coach Chris. The classes run for 45 minutes. There is a 10 minute warm up to start the class followed by 25 minutes of technique followed but 10 minutes of active rolling (sparring).

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