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Dan C.

I have trained Muay Thai for about 5 years now at several different gyms but recently joined Balance MMA. The gym has a great family atmosphere and very welcoming to newcomers. Peter Montrait is a top instructor with great attention to detail to help improve your technique no matter what your skill level. I knew on my first session it was a gym I wanted to stay so I’d totally recommend trying out a class.

April 9, 2018

Rachel C.

I have been with Balance and Chris Bell for 3 years now. Let me say that it’s been my salvation. My teammates at Balance and jiu jitsu itself have me confidence and physical fitness like I’ve never experienced. You won’t find a better place to challenge yourself, and get into the best shape of your life. There isn’t a better group of instructors, brothers and training partners in the world. I can’t thank Chris, my amazing instructors and my training partners enough for changing my life.

October 21, 2015

Justin M.

The best gym in Toronto. As an avid practitioner of various martial arts, I chose Balance MMA as my academy. Balance MMA truly lives up to its name: this is true for both their grappling and striking curriculum. The grappling program is taught by 7 instructors, with professor Peter Lee overseeing the program. Each instructor has his/her way of teaching and each lesson is catered towards the students’ needs. No mater what your learning style is, it will be covered. As someone who has trained in numerous gyms, I had high expectations. Within a minute of training with professor Peter Lee, I knew I was at the right gym and never looked elsewhere since. Balance MMA’s BJJ curriculum will take your skills to another level. The Striking program is run by Peter Montrait, a very skilled and multifaceted instructor. He is open minded and will also cater to your needs as a student. Peter does one of the best jobs I’ve ever seen of balancing the physical aspect of martial arts training and coaching the skillsets of the martial art. His sessions abide by principles of sports science. He takes a methodical approach to progressing the intensity and difficulty of his classes. As a current trainer myself, I appreciate the thoughtful and purposeful approach that is missing from most sports coaches. Where Balance MMA shines the most is in its hospitality towards its members. I can confidently say that it is the most open minded and friendly gym I have ever trained at. I believe a gyms atmosphere is set via a trickle down effect from its owner/coaches. Chris Bell, the owner, along with all the coaches, make it comfortable to train and make you want to come back with a smile. Whether it’s your first time learning a martial art or you are an experienced martial artist, you will not find a more suitable place to train than Balance MMA. It continues to maintain the perfect balance between competency and camaraderie.

October 21, 2015

Dave M.

When I first met with Balance MMA Muay Thai instuctor, Peter Montrait I was pleasantly surprised that, as a new student Peter immediately made a point to introduce himself and ask about my personal goals. His understanding of your needs and respectful approach is juxtaposed by his determination to help you succeed and the confidence in his direction.

October 21, 2015

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